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Time to move on from Dallas call

Written By: Terry Foster | January 10, 2015

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It still sucks but we must move on from the reversed pass interference penalty against the Dallas Cowboys.

Now a sympathetic nation is beginning to turn on Lion fans and call you whiners. This is a call we will never forget. It joins the Bill Laimbeer phantom foul, the Calvin Johnson completing the process non catch and the imperfect, perfect game. Stuff always seems to happen here.

I am not saying the non call on Brandon Pettigrew cost the Lions the game, but it sure did not help. I vented. Many of you vented. Even people from around the league had our back. It was a bad call. Or was it a bad non call? I get confused.

We must turn the page. Dallas will go on and play Green Bay. The Lions are done no matter what we do. We really have no choice.

The venting has been long and strong. Now people are getting tired of us. I understand where they are coming from because the Lions still had a chance to win the game and did not. It is also not their problem. I also understand your side of it. You are tired of perceived injustice.

Weird things do happen to the Lions. However, the Lions still must earn street cred. That is what part of this is about. They must not just win games, but dominate games. They must play games where a call or two or a play or two cannot turn things completely around.

You can still complain if you must. But let’s keep it to ourselves.


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