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Is an NFL playoff protest possible?

Written By: Terry Foster | January 5, 2015

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Emotions around town are still running high a day after NFL officials reversed an obvious penalty and turned it into one of the worst calls in Lions football history.

We’ve relived the Brandon Pettigrew call all day and all night. It was the wrong call and it led to the Dallas Cowboys game-winning drive and ultimate 24-20 victory over the Lions. People from around the country said officials blew it. I expect an apology from the NFL but of course nothing will come of it.

Here is what surprises me. Many of you want to boycott the remainder of the NFL playoffs or at least Sunday’s Ice Bowl II between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. It won’t make a difference but we at least will get some satisfaction. I love NFL playoff football. I never miss a game but I am willing to skip this one game.

I need to check my schedule and I need to see if we an find a willing partner to host us. But I would love to host a viewing party in a sports bar with the televisions turned off or tuned to something else. If we are going to protest then we need to protest together and do it as a group. I am not sure if I can pull this off but check my twitter account at TerryFoster971. and on my face book page.

Maybe we can pull something off. That is if you guys are really serious. Maybe this is emotions after a tough loss coming out. Maybe by the weekend you will all be ready for a big playoff game on the frozen tundra.


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4 Responses to “Is an NFL playoff protest possible?”

  1. Ron Naz Says:

    Terry, I think Bogartz in Detroit would be willing to do it. I know the owners well, and they would be happy for both the business, and to oblige the requests to boycott.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      I am going to do a test balloon on our show today. But I do not believe people are really serious about a protest. They were mad before and now seem to be settling down. I will let you know. Thank you.


      • Ron Naz Says:

        I’m still irritated over it because it’s just going to be passed off by the league as a minor incident, and they won’t do anything about it in the future.

        I agree with what Mike said yesterday about making the officials full time employees of the league, and holding them accountable for getting the calls right.


  2. Sam I Am Says:


    That call no call was the most egregious incident I’ve seen in a professional sports event in my life. I completely understand that mistakes happen, there is always an element of human error. But we live in a day and age when technology is actually used to ‘GET IT RIGHT”, so the fact that the reversal was out of left field with no explanation leads most of us at odds with the outcome.

    We are Detroit Lions fans, so losing games is not something that surprises our fan base. What is absolutely unacceptable is the spirit in which the call was handled, the complete disrespect toward the common sense of the average fan.

    Mike Pereira who is an NFL retired head ref was on air saying it was pass interference, the ball was spotted, then suddenly reversed? Dez Bryant is out in center field with no helmet touching officials, but gets no FLAG?

    We can boycott of course but the reality is Dallas is a bigger market with more millionaires, billionaires, and status than Detroit. Yesterday was completely un-American or maybe more American than any of us dare to admit. #conspiracy #detroitveruseverybody


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