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Some 2015 predictions

Written By: Terry Foster | January 1, 2015

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It is a new year and I look forward to 2015.

I do not make New Year’s resolutions but I can make New Years predictions.

Here are some things to look out for.

** I don’t know why but the Tigers can win the World Series. Many believe their time has passed but that is usually when teams win titles in baseball. No favorites win it all. Do you remember how many times the Washington Nationals and Tigers were favorites the past few years? The Tigers won’t be picked by many and that is when the magic happens.

** The Pistons continue to prove that subtraction can help a team. This team probably won’t make the playoffs because it is in such a deep hole however the subtraction of Josh Smith has helped this team grow. Now the key is can the Pistons keep Greg Monroe and help build a team around him and Andre Drummond?

** My gut feeling says there will be an exciting Red Wings-Montreal Canadiens playoff series brewing.

** Ndamukong Suh leaves the Lions and hotly contested debates will center on his departure. Some will be happy to see him go. The Suh Squad folks will complain that we ran off a great player. It should be interesting.

** Some will question the hiring of Jim Harbaugh when Michigan does not challenge for the Big Ten title this season. Give the man time. He needs players and a number might leave because Harbaugh does not play around.

** Michigan State football will be good again and the Spartans annual showdown with Ohio State will determine who goes to the Big Ten title game.

** People in Ann Arbaugh will stop calling Ohio State Ohio and will start wearing khaki’s to games and work.

** The Valenti and Foster Show will continue on 97.1 FM. I recently signed a new three-year deal and I am excited about that.



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