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Where did this 13 year old man come from?

Written By: Terry Foster | December 19, 2014

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The family went to Shoguns Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate Brandon’s 13th birthday.

He loves when cooks do their magic at the table and flip shrimp tails into their hats and makes fire come out of onion castles. So B picked where we ate.

On the way inside a friendly gentleman remarked that Brandon is going to be taller than his dad. He is right. The boy is growing like a weed. I am a shade or two under 6-0. The doctors projected him to be 6-4 or taller, which is very possible. My father in law was about 6-4, right around the same height as my brother in law Big Ralph. My dad was 6-2 and I even have a sister in law that is 6-foot.

He will be a tall boy.

What gets me is he is already 13. Where does the time fly?

When Brandon was born I was convinced this was not my child. He came into the world with blonde hair, blue eyes and his nose was massive. We called him Buddy Hackett and Cupid. He has grown into his nose and is a tall handsome lad. He is a little on the quiet side but I appreciate that he still likes to hang out on Saturday with me while running errands and grabbing lunch.

I savor those moments because I know the day will come when he will no longer want to do that. I will be going to Costco by myself. I run into people all the time who say I will miss it when he goes away to college or starts his own family. They are right.

Anyway my boy is 13 and I am sure he will want to go out with his dad on Saturday to spend some of his gift card money. It will be a happy moment for me because it will be one less Saturday until the day he will want to go on his own,.

Happy Birthday son.



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