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Time to move on from Tiger Stadium

Written By: Terry Foster | December 17, 2014

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It is good to finally see progress on the Tiger Stadium site. And most people seem to be on board.

I was never a stadium hugger. I knew Tiger Stadium needed to be demolished. The sad part is it took so long to decide what to put there. That is the way Detroit works sometimes. We grow too attached to a place, realize it is a dump, but allow emotional ties from the past to get in the way.

This appears to be a nice mixed use plan that includes the Police Athletic League, preservation of the field, retail and residential. I am OK with it. Let’s get the city to approve the parcel and get the shovels digging in the ground.

It is time to move on.

There have been too many battles over Tiger Stadium. People hugged it, dug their heals in and tried to save it and then fought what to do with it once the wrecking ball came to tear it down.

Old guys remember holding hands with their dad and seeing the green grass and green (later Tiger orange and blue) seats. It was romantic and nostalgic. There were films made about it and protests around it. The building where Cobb and Lolich played was so strong that some people hated Comerica Park until fresher minds gave it more of a thumbs up than thumbs down.

I was there when the Tigers and Joe Sparma clinched the pennant in 1968. I was there when they tore up the streets in 1984 and I was there for the final pitch. I interviewed former General Manager Jim Campbell in his office and got to visit the Tigers clubhouse dozens of times.

I have memories too. But I am more interested in seeing Corktown revived than keeping old memories alive.


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  1. Carrie Says:

    I agree. Just my experience, but many people in the area prevent progress for something that might be amazing due to their ties to the past. Often times, the memories are of highly exaggerated “good times” totally erasing the bad. Like when my mom says something like, “such-and-such times were so much better. We had it so great!” To which I reply something totally sarcastic. “Yeah, because it was sooo much better when you (as a woman) weren’t allowed to get a credit card in your name without your husband being a co-signer”!!


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