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Michigan players ignore media and turn to social media

Written By: Terry Foster | December 3, 2014

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This is a new era of media. After the University of Michigan fired coach Brady Hoke the media quite naturally wanted to speak to players about him.

What did he mean to players? How did he change their lives? Were they angry that he was fired?

Nobody said a word. Players breezed by the media as if they were doing 40 yard dash times. But players expressed themselves and told the world what they thought about coach Hoke. They did not tell the media. They expressed themselves on social media.

Do you want to know how players feel about coach Hoke? Then you need to go to twitter. All views and opinions are expressed there.

** There is anger and sadness among former and current players. However, this is a business and Hoke did not get the job done. This job was in over his head. But I will say this. I wonder how Hoke would have done without former Athletic Director David Brandon looking over his shoulders? Having Brandon around did not help things. Did you notice the team played a little better after Brandon was fired?

** I am really interested to see how the coaching search plays out. I thought offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeir would replace Hoke when Brandon brought him in. But Brandon is gone and Nussmeier did not do a good job. Quarterback Devin Gardner got worse under Nussmeier. Then I was certain that San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh would be the guy. He loves Michigan and wants to coach here. However, can he say no to the NFL to come here?

That is a tough one.

That is why I am thinking LSU coach Less Miles will be the guy. He wants Michigan and loves the place. He’d walk on hot coals to coach there if the factions that prevented him from being hired a few years ago are silenced.


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