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Les Miles should be Michigan’s next football coach

Written By: Terry Foster | December 2, 2014

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If Brady Hoke is fired today as Michigan head coach the school should keep close taps on LSU coach Les Miles. He could be fired at LSU when the season is over.

If he becomes free then Michigan should jump at the chance to hire him. He loves Michigan. He wants to coach Michigan and he’d be a lifer until he retires. Many Michigan people wanted him to coach after Lloyd Carr retired. Instead they hired Rich Rodriguez mostly because leaked information forced Miles to sign a contract extension and profess his love to LSU when his heart was actually in Ann Arbor.

The next go round Michigan went with Brady Hoke. Maybe the third time can be the charm and Miles returns home where he belongs.

** They are keeping things a secret in Ann Arbor heading into the big meeting today. My people are telling me that athletic director Jim Hackett and school president Mark Schlissel met Monday to decide Hoke’s fate. Nobody knows what that decision was. As late as Saturday evening neither had decided how to handle this.

Now they know and now we wait.

The best decision is to let Hoke go.

** I got into a debate with my very green and very Sparty radio partner Mike Valenti who says Michigan fans would not accept Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi as their head coach.

I think the man is crazy.

Most Michigan fans would embrace him in a heart beat because he’d make their program better. The person that would be jumping up and down in anger would be MSU coach Mark Dantonio. He does not want anybody switching from green to blue, especially Narduzzi. Michigan fans would not care because they suspect he is a good coach.

Twenty years ago it might be different. Michigan folks carried around that arrogance where they did not believe any Spartan was good enough to run their football program. Michigan was high on the hog. However, a few losing seasons by Michigan and a few winning seasons by MSU changed things.

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2 Responses to “Les Miles should be Michigan’s next football coach”

  1. Tubes Says:

    If Michigan really wanted Miles, they wouldn’t have to wait until he is fired. He would leave in an instant, and has publicly said as much in the past. There is no need to keep close “taps” on his situation at LSU.


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