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Is Michigan willing to dance with the devil?

Written By: Terry Foster | December 1, 2014

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Let’s say you are a Michigan football fan.

You are tired of losing to Michigan State. You are tired of losing to Ohio State. Heck, you are tired of losing period. And let’s say the school fires Brady Hoke and cannot get John Harbaugh or Jim Harbaugh or some of the sexy candidates out there.

Would you be willing to dance with the devil?

The devil is Jim Tressel, the current president at Youngstown State University. He’s won national titles at Youngstown State and Ohio State. He turns programs around and beats his rivals. However, there is the dark side to Tressel.

He has been coach at two schools and has had major NCAA rules violations at both. At Youngstown State it was discovered that a booster and former Trustee gave benefits to a player. Tressel also asked the booster to get the player a job. There were rumors of other wrong doings but they were not proven to be true.

He won four national titles at Youngstown.

He also won a national title at Ohio State but resigned in 2011 during the tattoo scandal at OSU. As many as 28 players were discovered to have taken benefits and sold championship rings. Ohio State lost scholarships and Tressel was forced to resign.

This is both the greatness and the flaw of Tressel. You will win but will be forced to defend a guy who sells snake oil.

Michigan fans, would you do it?

It sounds tempting but I would go in a different direction.



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  1. Erick Says:

    Interesting proposition Terry, but as a Wolverine I would say definitely no. I am sick of losing and Sweatervest has a track record of winning, but you gotta win and win the right way with integrity. Then we can continue to turn up our nose and look down upon everyone else again. Can’t be arrogant if you win as a cheater.


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