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Decision to fire Brady Hoke has not been made

Written By: Terry Foster | November 30, 2014

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I do not expect a press conference Monday announcing that Michigan coach Brady Hoke has been fired as Michigan’s head football coach. I am not certain that announcement is coming any time soon – if at all.

I know many of you say that Hoke is gone no matter what. I assure you that as of Saturday night the decision to keep Hoke or fire him has not been made. I’ve even been told that there is a spin story being prepared in case Michigan keeps Hoke. Michigan Athletic Director Jim Hackett and school President Mark Schlissel will meet with Hoke and with each other before firing the man.

It might take some time. I keep telling you that these two guys are in over their heads and they want to take their time. Many of you refuse to believe that, saying these are smart men. I don’t doubt that but this is a tidal wave that they don’t quite get and they want to make sure they are all on the same page before making a decision.

They don’t want to make a decision based on emotion and speed. I wrote a few weeks go that do not be surprised if Hackett sticks around longer than you expect. That appears to be happening.

One of the criteria the two men were looking for was if players continued to play hard for Hoke. They did. Did you notice during every press conference Hoke said how great practices were and how hard his players worked? There is a reason for that. He knows that is a criteria for him keeping his job.

Maybe the men meet today. Maybe they meet Monday and do the dirty deal.

I’m simply telling you despite your wishes and dreams Hoke is correct when he says he is Michigan’s head football coach for now. The decision as of now has not been made.

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  1. yassine Says:

    Terry why write a blog to inform me with no news. You get the C’mon man.


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