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Michigan-Ohio State is no longer can’t miss television

Written By: Terry Foster | November 29, 2014

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Normally I would be upset that I must cover the Division I championship football game at Ford Field because it means missing Michigan-Ohio State. However, it is just another game. I won’t miss not seeing every play.

Ohio State is a football power. Michigan is just another program hoping that fortune is on its side down in Columbus. This game used to be special. People were right when they called it the biggest rivalry in sports. It remains special for players, coaches and boosters. But it is no longer special for an outsider like me.

The programs are in two different places.

Ohio State is playing for a national championship. Michigan is playing to get into the Quick Lane Bowl.

** Speaking of the Quick Lane Bowl. There is a chance there won’t be enough Big Ten bowl eligible teams for the bowl. Central Michigan is bowl eligible and has a history of putting butts in the seat at Ford Field.

** Maybe I got lucky. I did a little Christmas shopping and the sales people were nice, helpful and were not harassed by being overwhelmed by having too many customers. My tact was to wait for the initial rush to subside and roll in around 10 in the morning. I don’t need to be one of those persons bum rushing a door to get the first deal.

Maybe I did not get the best deals, but was rewarded with good service.

** Last spring I took the family to the St. Louis Arch during our tour of the Midwest and south. Police officials uncovered a plot where someone wanted to blow the arch up and assassinate the prosecutor and Ferguson police chief who were involved in the Darren Wilson vs. Michael Brown drama that continues to play out in the St. Louis area.

So someone wants to blow up the arch? Let’s say they succeeded in the plot and my family was at the top enjoying views of St. Louis and Illinois. I guess my question is what role did we play in the Michael Brown murder? Why must we die for this? I’m just saying.

** I love reading my twitter feed after a Lions football game. On Thanksgiving it went from this team sucks and will finish to 7-9 to I told you quarterback Matthew Stafford is good and is leading this team on the 11-5 express.

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