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Sweet potato pie hits the Lions den

Written By: Terry Foster | November 26, 2014

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I may have pulled off the greatest feat in my journalism career.

Is it a big and breaking scoop? Nope.

Did I win a journalism award? Nope.

Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls, sweet potato pie will be served to the media on Thanksgiving Day for the first time in Lions history. What? Yes, I am serious.

The sweet potato pie debate began many years ago during a Thanksgiving Day game when some of us grumbled that the Lions did not serve sweet potato pie for their pre-game spread. Instead they served the less desirable pumpkin pie. Most black people do not pumpkin pie. I told this to one my pals Dana Wakiji who now works for Fox Sports and she did not believe me.

So we walked around the press box and asked 13 black media members do they eat pumpkin pie. All said they did not. Dana was stunned. So we jokingly had the pumpkin pie vs. sweet potato pie debate every year and shared many laughs before covering the Lions.

I once mentioned our debate to Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew and he laughed. He knew the score.’

But I finally decided to do something about it when I had drinks with a Lions official. I will keep his name under wraps just to be safe. He did not realize blacks don’t eat pumpkin pie and he said he’d alter policy. I was so excited.

I ran into him later and he brought bad news. Sweet potato pie cost $2 more than pumpkin pie. What? Hell, I will pay the extra two bucks per pie. But he said he’d get the pies delivered any way.

I hope my media brothers and sisters, both black and white, enjoy the sweet potato pie. And don’t worry. The Lions will carry pumpkin pie also.



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