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Eric Ebron draws fan anger

Written By: Terry Foster | November 24, 2014

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Lions fans are lining up villains during this two-game losing skid that has dropped the team’s record to 7-4 heading into the annual Thanksgiving clash against the Chicago Bears.

Slumping quarterback Matthew Stafford heads the list. The offense has not scored a touchdown in more than 20 possessions although there was plenty more blame to go around during a 34-9 loss to New England Sunday afternoon. Receivers could not catch the ball and the offensive line could not block anyone as Stafford ran for his life much of the game.

People have latched on to tight end Eric Ebron who dropped passes in training camp and the trend continues during the regular season. Here is what I am told. Ebron continues to struggle picking up the offense. He did look lost on a number of plays and he is trying to think the game rather than act instinctively. The result is another useless part.

How bad is it? Lion fans believe Brandon Pettigrew has better hands.

How bad is it? Lions fans passed around lists of people they’d rather see play tight end than Ebron. The list included Lobster Boy, Kate Upton and Rod Marinelli.

Here is how I believe the season will play out. The road game against the Chicago Bears will determine whether the Lions finish 10-6 or 11-5. I do not buy into the abused dooms day Lions fans who believe this is the beginning of the 7-9 swoon. Fans are emotional. They will flip in a minute after the Lions next victory.

It has been a strange season. The Lions could be 8-3 just as easily as they could be 5-6. It has been a roller coaster season and I am sure we will see many more twists and turns down the stretch.

Now let’s see if Ebron can learn the playbook and catch a few balls.

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