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Let yourself go Lions fans and believe for once

Written By: Terry Foster | November 15, 2014

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It is time to throw yourself fully into Lions fever.

I know it is tough. I know you’ve been burned before. I know we say “Same old Lions” more than we say “Great job Lions.”

The Lions (7-2)  have a showdown game against the Arizona Cardinals (8-1) Sunday afternoon. They’ve had showdown games before and usually fell in miserable fashion. You could make a point that they should have lost two or three other games this season. But they didn’t.

You could make a case they could be out of the playoffs. But they are not.

Something magical is going on with this team. The defense has played great. But other parts like the offense and kicking game have not. Let’s throw in one more underrated thing that helps. The Lions are not making mistakes. And when they do (like a five-yard delay of game penalty) it helps them set up one more chance for a game winning field goal.

The Lions could take control of the NFC this week and take control of the NFL the following week against New England. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Take one game at a time.

You are hesitant. I can tell. I don’t blame you.  But I am the same guy you get angry at for saying “this is not the year. This is not the moment.” I am tired of telling you that. Let yourself go. Let yourself believe.

And if everything fails and they bomb in the desert rather than provide your just desserts, then you can scream “Same old Lions on Monday.

For now enjoy the moment.



2 Responses to “Let yourself go Lions fans and believe for once”

  1. Justin Says:

    It’s about time Terry! Enjoy it while you can!


  2. Suzanne Says:

    I’m trying. God knows I am but it’s very, very hard to do.


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