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A new Garrett popcorn tradition begins in metro Detroit

Written By: Terry Foster | November 12, 2014

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One of the great traditions when we went to Chicago was standing in line at the Garrett Popcorn Shop on Michigan Avenue.

I stood in line as a kid with my Aunt Margo and grand mother. I snuck over there when I was the Pistons beat writer before Chicago Bulls games. And I remember visiting former Piston Isiah Thomas in his hotel room for an interview and he had three jumbo bags for the road.

The lines were always too long and often times you were forced to stand in the cold as you waited to get the Chicago mix of their delicious caramel and cheese corn mix. You would chat with people in line and it was a great culinary and social mix. You always had to buy enough for the rest of the trip and make sure there was enough for the rest of the family when you got back to Detroit.

That tradition is now gone. I don’t need to go to Chicago. They opened a Garrett Popcorn Sunday at 12 Oaks Mall and I found myself standing in a shorter line Tuesday evening after my radio show with a few other folks. It is about time Garrett found its way to metro Detroit. I got the family the jumbo Garrett’s mix, which is the Chicago mix and a smaller bag of cheese corn that I stash in my office.

Back in the day we had a place called Otto’s Popcorn. There was one downtown and another in Northland Mall. It was good but it was not Garrett’s good and we never stood in long lines for that.

I discovered a Garrett in Las Vegas and casually mentioned it to the family. Of course I was forced to bring some home during the long plane ride home.

Welcome to metro Detroit Garrett. I can’t wait for the day when folks stand in long and chilly lines at a downtown location.

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  1. Rick Says:

    What about Detroit Popcorn, Terry? http://www.detroitpopcorn.com


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