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Spartans defense staggered by Buckes in show down game

Written By: Terry Foster | November 9, 2014

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This one reminded me of Thomas Hearns against Marvin Hagler.

Michigan State and Ohio State both threw heavy body blows and it was only a matter of time before one wilted. In the end it was the Spartans defense which ended up taking a few standing mandatory eight counts and eventually was counted out during a Buckeyes 49-37 victory at Spartan Stadium.

So now we end the debate about Michigan State being national title contenders. I never thought the Spartans were elite because something bugged me about the much applauded defense. We saw it gashed against Oregon and Indiana and Purdue. And now OSU put a gaping hole in the side that needs to be fixed.

MSU can still enjoy a nice season. It just won’t be a great season. And that is OK. Programs won’t contend every season but the Spartans always seem to stick their nose in it. It is a program that won’t go away because it has staying power under Dantonio. However, the Buckeyes are the kings of the Big Ten with an outside shot of making the national title game. Once again OSU has a bad loss on its resume and plays in a weak conference. It will need a lot of luck and upsets down the stretch.

I had to throw that last line in because some Spartan fans believe the only reason people talk about the Big Ten’s feeble ways was to keep the Spartans down. OSU faces the same problem.




2 Responses to “Spartans defense staggered by Buckes in show down game”

  1. http://scarletandmaize.com/ Says:

    Spartans Defense is not elite anymore, I think this team will now start to slide back to the middle of the big ten pack in the next couple of years.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      What evidence do you have of that? Every time MSU loses I hear that the run is over. This defense was never elite this season but the Spartans are going to be good as long as Mark Dantonio remains coach. The run is not over


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