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Top 10 sports game changers

Written By: Terry Foster | November 8, 2014

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It will be exciting to see Calvin Johnson back on a football field.

He remains a game changer and must see TV. You all know his game. I do not have to repeat for you. Johnson is one of those guys that you cannot take your eyes off of when he is in a game. My only wish is that the Lions do not take their eyes off Golden Tate in the Miami game Sunday. He has been fantastic too.

There are certain athletes that you cannot ignore when they are up to the plate, on the ice or about to play a football game. Here is my top ten list of game changers for the last 40 years in Detroit in no particular order.

** Steve Yzerman: He was fluid and explosive on the ice and a man fans loved.

** Isiah Thomas: He was the best little man in basketball with two title rings to show for it.

** Barry Sanders: This man had some of the best three yard gains in history.

** Calvin Johnson: He makes impossible catches and makes QB Matthew Stafford better.

** Miguel Cabrera: You stop what you are doing when this man walks to the plate.

** Nick Lidstrom: I once focused on him for an entire period and was amazed at the little things this man did.

** Dennis Rodman: His high wire act and enthusiasm turned entire buildings wild.

** Justin Verlander: I know he is rough now but I loved seeing this man dominate games.

** Thomas Hearns: Whether he won or lost you were always on your feet.

** Alan Trammell-Lou Whitaker: Simply the best double play combination in baseball history.

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