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Pistons owner wants answers

Written By: Admin | August 2, 2014

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7 Responses to “Pistons owner wants answers”

  1. Pete Says:

    I remember those games at Cobo. Went to lots of them. Often watching Gus dancing over the third balcony was more entertaining than the game. Somehow it felt that the game was important even though the Pistons were not relevant until they got Lanier.

    Now they don’t feel relevant. First the drive out there is a hassle. Parking may be more convenient than downtown, but they ding you pretty good for parking so it doesn’t feel convenient.

    Then the team has been dysfunctional since Carlisle and Brown left. Kuester, Curry, Frank, Cheeks and Saunders as well as all the interims lost total control of the team. A lot of it is the ownership/Dumars fault. All of those coaches were lame duck coaches and the players knew it. That is what first turned me off.

    I have access to free tickets now and I still won’t make the effort to leave my couch to go watch.

    There was a time when the NBA was at the top. The rivalries were real. The Lakers vs Celtics. The Pistons vs Celtics. The 76′rs vs Knicks. The Knicks vs Celtics. There was real hate…and with hate came passion. Now, who cares.


  2. Mike Says:

    Honestly, though they are 0-3 I truly think the Pistons are headed in the right direction. I believe Stan is the man for the job and I am convinced Gores is willing to do whatever it takes to win games. We all know how passionate Stan but the fans don’t know how passionate players are. Too early to expect a complete turn around and a complete make over but I want to see players on the court that will do whatever it takes to win. I don’t see the fire in any of these players eyes. It seems like they are content with losing. The bad boys and the 04 pistons stressed on bringing in the right type of guys that fit the personality of Detroit basketball and then got them to sell themselves for the team. What I see now is a bunch of talented players but no fire, no tough “do whatever it takes type guys”. They say all the right things to the media but we don’t see players dying to win as we did in the past. What I would to see is Stan and Gores bringing in Detroit guys even if they aren’t the most talented players. I think they’re trying to hard to change the culture and didn’t really bring in those type of players this season, though I am a full supporter of the recent signings. In the future I would like to see tough players willing to sell themselves and play Detroit brand basketball, players with a chip on their shoulders and not players who got their money that show no emotion on the court.


  3. Mike Says:

    To build off on my last comment, I would like to see the Pistons go back to the glory days in terms of how the program is run at the palace. Personally I disliked the pistons intros in the home opener and I think the pistons should go back to using the fire, the eminem music, the final countdown music and attempt to bring in more celebrities to the game. I know everyone loved when they saw kid rock and eminem going crazy in the building but I also know we have to win games first. When and not if they start winning games I would like to see culture revert back to winning our days, it makes me most nostalgic and I’m sure it does the same to other fans


  4. Frank Menzel Says:

    It”s going to be a tough road. I see what Van Gundy is trying to do by putting outside shooters out there to play off of the big guys, but Drummond, Smith and Monroe are just not effective enough for the strategy to work and the shooters are not getting good looks. Now, you factor in that the don’t have any defensive stoppers and you see the results thus far.


  5. Doug Says:

    Draft Better
    and Take a Strong look at the Spurs franchise.
    The Pistons should have become that team, but didn’t(blamelarryBrown).
    For some reason after the Loss of LB, and The debacle of Darko, the team gave up on a very good plan to stay an important team in the NBA.(blameJoeD)
    Consistently upgrading a the core the hot young talent.

    They have a long way to go before they can think that way again. First they have to create a winning team from scratch.

    I still don’t understand the Team.


  6. Terry Foster Says:

    John Kuester did not coach KCP. He was fired the previous season.


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