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Great homecoming for Michigan fans

Written By: Terry Foster | November 1, 2014

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He was dressed in all Michigan attire. The man wore a Michigan tie, dress shirt and jacket. Wrapped around his neck was a sign that said “Former Michigan Athletic Director. When he woke up that morning the sign read “Almost Michigan Athletic Director” but the man made some cosmetic changes to the sign after David Brandon was fired as AD.

This was his Halloween costume and he stood next to me in like at Pei Wei and this dude was smiling from year to year.

“This is such great news for Michigan,” he said. “I am so happy.”

There were plenty of happy faces when the school dumped Brandon. And please spare me that he voluntarily resigned. Yes, he did resign but at knife point. There were a lot of things that went wrong under Brandon’s tenure. There was the bad hiring of Brady Hoke, the Shane Morris fiasco and a laundry list of other things.

Happy Homecoming blue.

But Brandon forgot the number one thing. Athletics remains a people business, especially when your football program is not winning. He ruled with arrogance and entitlement. He is a corporate machine but Brandon does not identify with every day folks. We saw that during an email exchange where he told a season ticket holder to move on down the road and even dogged the man’s wife.

If you don’t like what he is doing then you can move on. Brandon reminded me of former President Bush when he said “you are either with us or against us.” Bush’s words were a rallying cry against terrorism. Brandon viewed disgruntled season ticket holders as terrorist against the program. That is a big difference and a huge mistake.

Brandon is gone and Hoke is next. I joked that the only way Hoke could keep his job is if they hire Mrs. Hoke as AD. And even then she’d think long and hard about keeping her husband.

Brandon is gone and at least one Michigan fan enjoyed one of the best Chinese lunches of his life.

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