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Spartans should not pass SEC teams

Written By: Terry Foster | October 27, 2014

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My wife is a Spartan fan and she is mad. She does not understand why Michigan State did not move up in the polls following its 35-11 thrashing to Michiganm while Mississippi remained a spot ahead after losing at LSU. The people that know college football is sending a strong message and it is actually one that I agree with. The Big Ten is terrible and teams in the SEC with one loss are going to get the benefit of the doubt over a one loss Big Ten team.

Besides, the Michigan State loss to Oregon is worse than any of the top contenders for those playoff spots. One loss Alabama lost 23-17 to Mississippi and had a chance to win.

One loss Mississippi lost by three points at LSU. The Tigers never lose at home.

You can make an argument against Auburn who lost 38-23 at Mississippi State. However, Auburn has also beat LSU and Kansas State.

The class of football is in the SEC. If these teams are going to get the benefit of the doubt over the Spartans if they have the same amount of losses. Spartan fans may not like this. But these teams deserve it.



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5 Responses to “Spartans should not pass SEC teams”

  1. Dan Says:

    Alabama and Auburn have both struggled against unranked teams. Yes the SEC is better but that doesn’t mean State doesn’t deserve a shot to see if they stand up to those teams they should be able to leap some of those teams.


  2. Sam I Am Says:

    IF OSU beats MSU and wins the conference OSU will get a final four bid. No one will say a word about how “terrible” the B1G is suppose to be.. #gogreen


    • Terry Foster Says:

      I totally disagree with you. This is not a Michigan State thing. This is a Big Ten thing. They are setting it up for two SEC teams to get into the Final Four if things work right.


      • AverageJoe Says:

        Looks like Sam I Am nailed it……..the Big Ten make a better-than-average showing in bowls while the SEC was average at best in their bowls.


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