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Michigan State drives home the final stake

Written By: Terry Foster | October 26, 2014

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Michigan’s Joe Bolden is a villain in East Lansing after planting a stake into the ground at Spartan Stadium as teammates celebrated.

He did it to fire up his team. He did it to send a message. And quite frankly I won’t come down on him even though Michigan was crushed 35-11 to arch rival Michigan State Saturday afternoon.

That’s part of the rivalry. And I won’t come down on Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio who drove in a stake of his own with a meaningless touchdown during the final seconds of the game.

That also is part of the rivalry.

The Wolverines were desperate and needed self motivation. They also needed to send a message to the big bad Spartans that they were not afraid and that they were there to fight to the bitter end.

Of course none of that happened. Michigan can scratch and claw all it wants but it simply lacks enough fire power and play makers to make a difference. This is an inferior football team that celebrates late touchdowns.

It is badly coached and does not prepare properly for games. You know how I feel about Brady Hoke. He is a nice man who is in over his head. The Michigan  job is too big for him. Players do not improve under him and neither does this team.

The stake tactic was silly but it was a desperate act by a desperate team in neeed of something to motivate it.

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