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Go Green! Go White! Go Blue!

Written By: Terry Foster | October 24, 2014

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I do not openly root for Michigan or Michigan State in our great state rivalry. I officially love the Chippewas of Central Michigan University because that is where I went to school and I would love to see them go unbeaten and play in a major bowl.

My official stance on Michigan and Michigan State is for the programs to entertain me once a year with a great football game and twice a year with great basketball games. But I do not wear green and white or go blue.

It is just great to be part of a rivalry where people care. It gets silly at times and I am convinced that my radio partner Mike Valenti stokes the flames. But I am OK with that. Sometimes anger is part of a rivalry.

I do admit this. I’d rather see the team with a better chance to go to a Rose Bowl or play for a national title win. MSU has a chance to go to the first national semifinals and it would be neat to see a Michigan school compete for that.

It is better for the state. Of course Michigan coaches are fighting for their jobs and players love Brady Hoke. Michigan should play hard. The issue is do players have sustaining power?

I am happy that I do not have to cover the game for The Detroit News. I am working on other things and my editors gave me the weekend off. So I am likely to slip into a sports bar and watch it with passionate fans. I do not know where yet but that is how I prefer to watch the game.

Enjoy the game in your own way and go green and go blue.


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