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Connor Cook is a good QB, not elite

Written By: Terry Foster | October 19, 2014

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I do believe Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook is a good quarterback. I simply do not believe he is a first-round draft pick.

He makes too many mistakes, gets away with a few more mistakes and has sloppy foot work that would hurt him in the NFL. He has had too many sloppy moments, particularly early in games that are inexcusable. Then he makes amazing plays later in games.

He is too inconsistent to be a first-round pick. But he is consistent enough to be a good college quarterback.

** I do not ask for Michigan to fire football coach Brady Hoke because I hate the school. I do it because it is best for the program. This is NOT Michigan.


** Why do they insist on running the Marathon on the same day as Lions football. That is silly. Give downtown an additional Sunday with foot traffic. Instead it is a royal pain to get to your parking spot while avoiding runners.

** I complained a few weeks ago that too often restaurants place black people by the bathrooms. It happened again to my wife and I Saturday night on Sweetest Day. One of my followers noticed it and posted it on twitter. We were not in the mood to fight it. It was our 16th wedding anniversary.

We simply wanted to enjoy each other’s company.

** Where will you be before the Lions game today? I am headed for the Park Bar. Good luck finding your parking spot.


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