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Fuzzy numbers point to solid Lions defense

Written By: Terry Foster | October 17, 2014

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Let me make a confession about the Lions.

They have to show me. That is why the debate rages whether the Lions have a good defense despite being statistically the best defense in the league.

My fuzzy numbers show they are even though Sunday’s home game against the New Orleans Saints should be the toughest test to date. In four of six games the Lions have held teams below their league average in total offense and scoring.

The Lions are giving up 281 yards of total offense per game and 13.6 points. Their opponents are averaging 334.2 yards of total offense and 22.7 points a game against the rest of the league. Although none of the teams are top 10 offenses Green Bay would definitely be one if the Packers had not faced the Lions.

This is just a little food for thought as the Lions face Drew Brees and the Saints.

Here is the breakdown.

GIANTS VS LIONS  197 yards, 14 points.

GIANTS VS NFL: 356 yards per game , 23.8 points

PACKERS VS LIONS: 223 yards, 7 points

PACKERS VS NFL: 338 yards, 30.6 points

CAROLINA VS LIONS: 313 yards, 24 points

CAROLINA VS NFL: 349 yards, 23.3 points

JETS VS LIONS: 360 yards, 17 points

JETS VS NFL: 312 yards, 17.4 points

VIKINGS VS LIONS: 255 yards, 3 points

VIKINGS VS NFL: 326 yards, 20.6 points

BILLS VS LIONS: 343 yards, 17 points

BILLS VS NFL: 323.8 yards, 20.2 points



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