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A Zouper rude dude

Written By: Terry Foster | July 12, 2011

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The menu at the Southfield Zoup’s featured nine different soups and seven salads on Monday evening. I swear the guy in front of me sampled every one of them.

He was “Let me hold the entire world up for me” guy. The annoying thing is the employees allowed him to do it. He was the first in line as he eyed every soup choice and asked for a sample. He not only tasted the soup in the tiny cups, but he savored and swished it around in his mouth as he flicked a $50 bill in his right hand.

“That was great,” he said. “Let me try the white bean chili.”

Meanwhile, the line grew. It went from two people behind him to eight.

This clown had the audacity to say: “I hope I am not holding people up” as he asked for another soup. Later he started talking about the movie “Ghost Busters.” 

I told him he was the only ghost in the restaurant.

He chuckled. I fumed. The lady besides me rolled her eyes.

There were two people behind the counter. I asked if I could order my soup. I knew what I wanted. The guy had not been rung up yet. But I was told by the guy behind the counter that he could not give me my soup. We had to wait for rude dude to finish his order.

I don’t know why I didn’t walk out. I guess I was in the mood for soup. A part of me wanted to see how this played out. He was in line for nearly 10 minutes before ordering two salads. Meanwhile it caused an argument in line and one woman walked out.

I should have.

I guess I don’t understand why some people have no consideration of others. And why are some employees so stupid? He should have said “You can wait on somebody else while I am deciding.”

One of the employees should have said “Do you mind if I take care of somebody else while you are deciding? The line is getting long.”

None of that happened. It turned into a comical stalemate and Zoup lost business.


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6 Responses to “A Zouper rude dude”

  1. Scott B. Says:

    It is like golf, if you are taking to long, let the group behind you play ahead. I am surprised the employees didn’t allow that to happen. I have stood on the other side of that sneeze guard before and it is very easy to tell when customers in line are getting frazzled. You get that awkward nervous feeling, knowing someone is about to be semi-upset at you/the situation. It is not rude on the employees part either to ask the customer to politely let another customer go head. Usually when I am in line I just try to wait it out and go with the “don’t sweat the small stuff” mentality, but that can be frustrating man.


  2. Ron Says:

    You are a much more patient man than I am. Usually in those situations I will either a) Make a comment to the employees and walk out, or b) Confront the rude person and let him know that everyone behind him in line is being held hostage to his stupidity and rudeness.


  3. tommyz Says:

    Terry, this is once again a problem that you should bring up to the Owner/Manager…that is a problem that cost this place business..While I do blame the guy himself, the ultimate blame goes on the employees..The second person should have helped you..


  4. Christine Bessert Says:

    We are so sorry to hear about what sounds like an epic “miss” on our part. Although sampling is a big part of the Zoup! experience, in this case it sounds like one man’s sample-a-thon — and our failure to reach out to you and the other customers — made for an unnecessarily long and frustrating wait. One of our team members SHOULD have taken care of you and the other customers in line while the other handled the serial soup sampler. Please accept our apologies; we truly hope you’ll give us another chance and come back soon for a more enjoyable, more Zoup!-like experience. (P.S. Guess he only ordered salads because he already had his fill of soup…)


    • Terry Foster Says:

      We are good. I love going to Zoup. I will go again. I throught the explanation of we can’t help you until we are finished with the first guy was weak because it was an extreme circumstance. I mean my man was enjoying the total, total experience. My gripe was more with him. Why do people believe the world evolves around them? I dont get it. But you are still my soup of choice.


  5. Russ Badilla Says:

    its always good to be prepared


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