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Players will decide Brady Hoke’s fate

Written By: Terry Foster | October 12, 2014

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Announcers say it is a foregone conclusion that Michigan head coach Brady Hoke will be fired at the end of the season. I do not agree with that.

He very well could survive because two of the biggest decisions that hurt this team were not his. I don’t care what anybody says. He did not want to fire offensive coordinator Al Borges and it was not his call to bench quarterback Devin Gardner.

I still believe both were Athletic Director David Brandon’s call. I am sure if I were in a room with both men they’d tell me other wise and maybe even tell me off. There are enough people that I trust who tell me that Brandon is calling too many shots.

I’ve heard from several Michigan players after I wrote a column in The Detroit News saying Hoke should lose his job. They say I should direct my attention to Brandon. They do not know what type of coach Hoke is because he does not call a number of shots.

I always believed Brandon brought in offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier to take over for Hoke.  But the offense is worse. So is Gardner. I do not see that happening now.

Here is the key. If Michigan’s players continue to play hard and do not embarrass themselves against Michigan State and Ohio State Hoke survives. If they quit on their coach he is gone.

But trust me. That decision to fire him has not been made.

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2 Responses to “Players will decide Brady Hoke’s fate”

  1. Josh Says:

    we can’t keep moving the goalposts here. Before the season, the verdict on Hoke was 8-4 with wins against at least 2-3 rivals. Some said even 8-4 wouldn’t save him. Now, that looks almost impossible and bowl eligibility could be a tall order.

    Are those no longer the standards?

    The guy clearly, clearly needs to go. This is year 4. Any objective analysis would see that there are no more questions. Leaving Brady Hoke as coach would be terrible for the program and would be poorly taken by the fan base.

    If the higher ups at Michigan can’t see that, then our problems run deeper than I thought


    • Terry Foster Says:

      I agree with you. I called for Hoke’s head before the Shane Morris mishap. I have not changed my mind. Michigan needs to clean up this mistake. Once again he is a great guy but not a great coach.


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