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Pistons belong downtown

Written By: Terry Foster | October 9, 2014

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It was great seeing the Pistons downtown on Wednesday. Now it would be great to see the Pistons playing downtown all the time.

I still believe there is a chance. Pistons owner Tom Gores doesn’t scream “you are nuts” when you ask the question about moving downtown. Instead he and his people stumble over their words and talk about how great the Palace is. But they never say no to the question.

It is an open book.

However, I’ve been told that the riff between former owner Bill Davidson and the Mike Ilitch group remains. Walls need to be broken down if the Pistons are to move into the new Red Wings arena. Instead there is a better chance of the Pistons moving into a joint venture with Dan Gilbert and Gores at another site.

Let me go back to a previous blog. Would you rather see the failed jail revived downtown or a new basketball and concert arena? It would be silly to build a second arena when you have a brand new one down the street. But that alternative is better than having a jail and court house.

I remember seeing the Pistons play at Cobo Arena. They did not draw very well but the team was terrible and Cobo was hardly a mecca you looked forward to playing in or visiting as a fan.

There is a lot going on downtown. I want to see the Pistons part of the revival. The visit downtown was cool. Now it is time to find a permanent home.

Afterall Mason does call it “Deeeetroitttt Basketbaaaaaallllll!!!!”

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