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How Brady Hoke can keep his job at Michigan

Written By: Terry Foster | October 7, 2014

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** Pitching Joba Chamberlain and Joakim Soria in back to back eighth innings was the worst Detroit sports decision since Marty Mornhinweg took the wind.

** I saw former Michigan running back Tyrone Wheatley and asked him about Michigan football. He simply shook his head and said something must happen. I agree.

** I also talked to a member of the Michigan mafia and they said Brady Hoke can save his job by beating Michigan State or Ohio State. The decision to fire him has not been made. There are still key people who believe Hoke can work at Michigan.

** I believe if Hoke wore a headset the Shane Morris debacle never happens. He would have heard coaches from the press box screaming trouble on the field. Why is the man so stubborn? Put the damn things on.

** I am so excited to have an entire weekend off. That rarely happens for me in the fall. I am either at a Lions or Michigan State game. So you know what this means? Apple cider and donuts on the house.

** When I was younger people never said I looked good. Now they do. I take it as I don’t look like a total wreck in my old age.

** I don’t know why but I always want to call Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook, Connor O’Cook.

**What’s the one thing you hate in life that makes no sense? I hate shower drains.

** People always ask me how I do a show with Mike Valenti? Medical marijuana. But please do not tell my bosses.

** Michigan will beat Penn State Saturday night.

** I am thinking of having a big weekend in Mt. Pleasant for Central Michigan-Western Michigan weekend. Who is with me?


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