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Emotional Tiger fans break down following sweep

Written By: Terry Foster | October 6, 2014

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The Tigers fan stopped by RUB barbeque after the Tigers were swept from the ALDS by the Baltimore Orioles. He saw me sitting at the bar watching football and asked to take a photo.

I agreed.

“Wait,” his buddy said. “We can’t take that photo. Come on man.”

The guy was fighting back tears. That is how upset he was over the Tigers loss. I tried to cheer him up with a joke and the guy finally broke into a smile.

Late he explained: “The Tigers really screwed this up on Friday. But we all went to Comerica and we were behind them. When V-Mart hit that double and JD Martinez hit the double behind him we were jacked. But then the Tigers do what they do.”

Again he was near tears.

I ran into a bunch of upset and confused Tigers fans. They were upset with the 2-1 loss Sunday. But they were more upset with how manager Brad Ausmus fumbled Friday’s game by returning to bullpen parts that failed two days in a row.

Tiger fans really wanted this postseason because there is a good chance this team is done. A lot of names will leave forcing General Manager Dave Dombrowski to be smarter with a smaller payroll.

Max Scherzer could be leaving for home in St. Louis or New York or Chicago.

The bottom line is the sadness of the season hit thousands of Tiger fans. Everybody wanted to come up and tell their story of angst.

I felt sorry for the guy in RUB. The near tears told the story of a man who is both dazed and confused. That would described most Tigers fans today.

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