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Lions trump Tigers in Detroit

Written By: Terry Foster | October 2, 2014

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Troy — I was reminded once again that this is a football town over a baseball town.

My son B played soccer at Fire Fighter’s Park on Sunday as the Lions took on the New York Jets and the Tigers attempted to clinch the American League Central Division title with a win over the Minnesota Twins.

Parents, kids and coaches all wanted updates on the Lions 24-17 victory over the Jets. Few seemed interested in the Tigers game. Granted the Tigers already clinched a playoff spot, but there is a big difference in playing a five game series with just four teams eligible to advance to the World Series as opposed to a winner take all one-game series where anything could happen.

The Lions were playing a regular season game to go 3-1. The Tigers were playing for a better spot in the playoffs. But no one seemed to care.

Football has taken over this country but even that is on shaky ground with all the news reports on domestic violence and head injuries. Like many empires the NFL became arrogant and uncaring. Now it is feeling the back lash.

However, the backlash has not reached the Lions. We talk about them like a dog. We go Lions free but we always go back to our little love affair on the side. I will be honest. I do not believe most people when they say they are Lions free. Usually they are screaming it, which means you still have passion for this team.

We will have another challenge on Sunday. What are you going to pay more attention to? Will it be game 3 of the ALDS at Comerica against the Baltimore Orioles or the Lions game at Ford Field against Buffalo?

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