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Michigan garners plenty of attention in good times and bad

Written By: Terry Foster | October 1, 2014

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Why does Michigan get so much attention during a crisis?

It is the same reason Michigan gets so much attention when it wins.

It is a name. It is a brand. It is the helmet and the block M. It is Bo and history and the largest stadium in the country.

It is Go Blue. It is the best fight song in the country. Michigan has a lot going for it. It brings a lot of attention in good and bad. I’ve heard from some Michigan fans who believe the decline of Michigan football is a big story. They acknowledge that a lot of attention should be paid to the Shane Morris medical scandal.

But would it be as big if it were Michigan State?

It would be a huge story but not this big. The Spartans are the king of football in the state now. However, their name does not shine as bright as Michigan’s. People think blue before they think green and white.

During good times Michigan is given the benefit of the doubt before MSU. It was always ranked higher than it should be. People believed in the product. How many times in the last eight years have you heard that Michigan’s come back is right around the corner? People want to believe in the product. But when the product is tarnished it brings out the vultures a lot quicker also

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