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No harm for Casey Anthony

Written By: Terry Foster | July 11, 2011

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I believed Casey Anthony killed her darling daughter Caylee. According to most polls about two third of you believe the same.

With that said we must make sure that Casey Anthony remain safe when she is released from prison Sunday. We might not like her. We might not believe her story but we must remain true to the United States Justice system and protect it. It is the system that our troops fight for and it is the system that we say we believe in.

It does not always work. It is not meant to. It is in place to try to ensure that not one guilty person goes to jail. I am not naive enough to believe that happens. But this is our baby and we must protect it.

There is a fear of vigilanties who are scheming to kill Casey Anthony. They believe justice was not serve and they want to administer their own justice. They must be stopped. They must not succeed. Hell they let OJ keep playing golf. She has the right now to go to the night clubs and do whatever she wants to do.

Chances are she will move from Florida. Her life will never be the same. She won’t have a full family to love her. That is her punishment. It is not the punishment I wanted but this is our system. We must protect it and respect it.


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2 Responses to “No harm for Casey Anthony”

  1. ScoWes Says:

    Very true Terry. Casey Anthony MAY have killed her daughter – the key word is and was MAY. We have a justice system based on evidence, and the evidence didn’t show & prove that she did. There are far too many people who were put behind bars due to ‘circumstances’; around a crime, spent 20+ years in there, only to be released at the end of their lives exonerated by evidence.

    Those of you who want her behind bars (or dead) need to ask yourself if you would want to live in a system where public opinion reigns and evidence isn’t required to convict someone of a crime.

    Far too many people have opinions on the case without sitting in that courtroom day after day, and considering all the evidence. We live in a time when small highlights on CNN, Fox News, or Nancy Grace are used as ‘the facts’, making everyone feel they are experts, and know more than the jurors.


  2. Steve Says:

    She will end up living a life like Amy Fisher. after her 15 minutes of Fame are up. Haunted, shunned and regulated to hooking or porno. or a huge book deal…our society is warped.


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