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Michigan’s Hoke fumbles again

Written By: Terry Foster | September 29, 2014

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Here is another example of the Michigan job being too big for Brady Hoke.

Instead of throwing in the white towel for his quarterback Shane Morris he allowed the poor guy to first stay in the game after being drilled in the chin by a Minnesota player. And then when chaos hit the sidelines and one quarterback lost his helmet and another had his knocked off, he allowed Morris to reenter the game.

It was shocking and appalling and now the Wolverines are not only in the news for being a bad football team but they are in the news for allowing a player to risk further injury. Oh by the way this is drawing national attention, as it should.

Hoke and his coaches should be ashamed.

Morris was wobbled by one hit and stayed in the game. And then Theiren Cockran landed the knock out blow when he hit Morris under the chin. Cockran should have been ejected but was not. Morris was dazed and appeared to not know where he was. Teammates motioned to the sidelines to take him out the game. Morris leaned on a teammate to remain steady.

He also waved off the medical team. At this point it is no longer Morris’ decision. Player never wants out of a game, especially his first home start no matter how bad the outcome.

Why not take Morris out the game? Why not call a time out? Sadly Morris did not walk off the field that day. He was taken off on a cart.

Is this a reason to fire Hoke? No, but I add it to the shopping cart of why Hoke should not return as Michigan’s coach. Isn’t it clear that the job is too big for him?



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