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Fireworks on the soccer pitch

Written By: Terry Foster | September 22, 2014

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I became distracted during the Lions 19-7 victory over the Green Bay Packers Sunday at Ford Field.

I was getting reports from my wife Abs about Celine’s soccer game against the Midland Fusion. The Bloomfield Hills Force and Midland have a pretty good rivalry going. Last season Midland won two of three games as the teams shared the title in travel soccer.

On Sunday they battled again in the Force Invitational at Total Soccer in Wixom. It sounds like there was more excitement going on there than at the Lions. The teams tied 2-2 in the preliminary rounds. Celine did not start because she missed Saturday’s games because of a wrist injury and home coming activities.

She returned Sunday. In the finals Midland went up 2-0 in the first half and I quickly lost interest. But then text from Abs came fast and furious. Celine scored and she assisted on another goal. One girl was trying to be physical with her but she played through it and suddenly Celine’s team was up 3-2.

And then came the kicker. A parent from Midland got kicked out of the game.

Oh boy. That should never happen no matter what happens on the field.

I’ve seen my share of parents get booted for screaming profanity at the ref. They were mad about calls against their team. Once during a tournament a parent screamed at a ref “what the bleep are you doing out there?”

The ref said “excuse me.”

“You heard what the bleep I said.”
He got kicked out.

Every time Celine and my son Brandon plays I am on edge. I am nervous. I want them to perform well and I want their team to perform well. But my stance is to pace and watch in silence. I have never screamed at a ref. I have never screamed at an opposing player which is another parent violation that gets violated too often.

I hate when a parent screams to their kid: “You can take her. She is not that good.”

Really? You are talking about somebody’s kid who can probably hear you.

Once a player got knocked down during a game and was injured. He laid on the ground for a few moments when the silence was broken by this: “Oh get up already.”

An opposing parent screamed it and I thought there was going to be a riot in the stands.

I hate when parents bring cow bells and ring them after every good play by their team. Usually that is from our outstate friends who are just excited to be playing in metro Detroit.

The bottom line is we need to be better examples for our kids at games. There is no excuse for being booted from a youth soccer game.


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