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A sports Saturday parade

Written By: Terry Foster | September 20, 2014

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What we saw from the Tigers during a 10-1 victory over Kansas City was what we expected all season. Justin Verlander was very good and the offense popped. Still this race is not over. I want more. I want more.

** So is this a sign of the Tigers taking over when they should? Or is this KC choking on the spotlight? This is what we call a combo meal.

** The popular thing to do is say Michigan is on upset alert during its home game against Utah. Here is my prediction. Michigan wins by a ton or Michigan loses a close one. Those guys from Utah sure can light up the scoreboard. It at least should be a fun game to watch.

** I wish people knew that if traffic lights are out then treat it like a four-way stop. I almost got into an accident because a clown decided to bum rush through a bunch of lights that were out in Midtown. I stopped at the light. I saw the car about 200 yards down the road on my right. I then proceeded. The next thing I know this fool was swerving to the right to avoid my car.

You do not want to know the unsavory words I screamed.

** Let me see. If the Tigers scored 10 runs on Friday night it probably means they will be shut out on Saturday.

** I just got the Vegas over/under on the Lions and Green Bay Packers game. It is set at 200.  I am betting the over.

** I am going to Michigan State-Eastern Michigan today. It should not be much of a game. But if it is then Spartan fans will be complaining and EMU fans will be thrilled.

** I am looking forward to watching the Lions battle the Packers. I love games downtown in the fall when the weather is fine and the aroma of tailgate cooking tempts you to crash one of the parties.

** So what is cooking at your tailgate?



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