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The Dive cost the Tigers more than Sloppy Joe

Written By: Terry Foster | September 17, 2014

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I am not going to blame Sloppy Joe for the Tigers 4-3 loss to Minnesota Tuesday night.

Cleveland Browns fans cannot get “The Drive” out of their minds. The Tigers lost because of The Dive.

Ezequiel Carrera must stay on his feet and not turn a single into a double. Yes, you can blame Sloppy Joe Nathan for giving up a one out walk to Trevor Plouffe. He was not perfect and he is an easy target. In my mind he gave up a single to catcher Kurt Suzuki. There should have been runners at first and second with one out and a one run lead.

You take your chances in a situation like that. But you could tell Carrera wanted to be on Sports Center that night. He wanted to make a spectacular diving catch and be a hero. Instead he came up short and the ball bounced to the wall for a game tying double that erased a three-run J.D. Martinez home run in the top of the ninth.

And here is the funny thing Carrera was a defensive replacement. Too bad Rajai Davis wasn’t in center field. He has more experience and I am sure he would have played it the right way. Instead he was in left field replacing Martinez. So maybe we can also blame manager Brad Ausmus more than we can Nathan.

By the way Nathan has grown up. Notice he did not rip Carrera like he did Nick Castellanos earlier in the season. Instead Nathan applauded his hustle.

When I say the Tigers cannot win a World Series I am not just talking about a shaky bullpen. Poor defense is a culprit also. I blame the Dive over the Slop for one night.

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