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Same results as same old Lions stumble on the road

Written By: Terry Foster | September 15, 2014

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I hate the term Same Old Lions.

But can you think of another one to describe their 24-7 loss to  the Carolina Panthers Sunday afternoon? This is a different team with the same fourth quarter mistakes. The Lions put themselves in position to steal a road victory but the same old Matthew Stafford interceptions, the same old fumbles and the same old late penalties doomed the team.

Same old mistakes and same old results.

People were giddy after the Lions 35-14 victory Monday night against the New York Giants. However, I remained a skeptic. I do not judge teams until after their first road game. The Lions were primed to be up for prime time. However, going on the road is a much more difficult task. There is more adversity on the road and teams must deal with crowd noise and home team momentum swings that can disrupt things.

The Lions were fortunate to face two good quarterbacks that are not on top of their games. The Giants Eli Manning is a hot mess and Carolina’s Cam Newton appeared rusty until the second half.

There is one play I do want to address. It was the first down interception that Stafford threw to Calvin Johnson. A lot of people said the Lions were in good field position. Why go for broke on that play? Stafford has had a lot of success on plays like that. I approve of going up top for Johnson. The man can snag anything.

The problem is Stafford threw it short and put all the Panthers defensive backs in play. The only one who did not have a shot at it was Johnson. If Stafford got more mustard on it we are talking about a big CJ play, which we’ve seen before, or an incomplete pass.

It was not the play call. It was the execution by the quarterback that was flawed.

Same old Lions.

I hate the term, but give me something else after Sunday.

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