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Fire up Chips!!

Written By: Terry Foster | September 7, 2014

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Rockford, Ill. — My only regret in life is that I won’t be able to see Central Michigan take on Syracuse at the house of death in Mt. Pleasant.

I will admit that as a CMU alumnus that I am a bit giddy over the Chippewas 38-17 victory over Purdue Saturday afternoon in West Lafayette. I was getting reports all day during Celine’s soccer game here. I will be back here when Central plays Syracuse to root my girl on in MSL matches.

If you go to a smaller school you cannot root for a national title. You will never see your team play in the Rose Bowl or the Sugar Bowl. You root for victories over bigger schools. I have a “Twice as Nice” poster when CMU posted back to back victories over Michigan State.

I was excited when the men’s basketball team won an NCAA tournament game when Chris Kaman played there. Now we have Purdue and hopefully Syracuse to brag about. They are not great teams but they are big names and these are the games that make us smile.

I fielded dozens of emails and tweets asking that Dan Enos be fired as CMU coach. I begged for patience and maybe that is paying off now.

Here is a funny story. Celine played Enos’ team in the finals of a tournament. A guy rolled up on me and said “I hope Celine kicks their ass.”

He was a CMU man who was not happy with the program. I made no comment. Celine’s team did win however.

** Here are other things you will hear this week from Big Ten coaches.

** It is just one loss.

** Our goal is to win the Big Ten any way.

** All of our goals are still ahead of us.

Man, big brother stinks. I never imagined Ohio State, Michigan State and Michigan getting destroyed on the same weekend. And Nebraska and Iowa could have lost also.

Maybe the win over Purdue is not that big a deal after all.

Fire up Chips!

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