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Auction fantasy draft turned comical and fun

Written By: Terry Foster | September 3, 2014

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Please do not tell my radio partner Mike Valenti that he came up with a swell idea. I do not want his head to swell.

But I really enjoyed the auction fantasy football draft that was held Tuesday night in our radio compound. It was fun, outrageous, silly and intense all at the same time as bids got as high as $60 for NFL players. Stoney, Wojo, Jeff Riger, Geetchie Dan Leech and a bunch of folks in production and sales enjoyed pizza, chicken tenders and a few brews during our four-hour auction.

I came in with a game plan and followed it. I did not get everybody I wanted because some of my targets went for crazy prices. I really wanted running back Matt Forte and wide receiver Antonio Brown but believed they became too expensive when their prices went north of $40.

Our salary cap was $200 and we had to draft 15 positions.

It is fine to get guys like that but at the end of the evening managers were looking for production guys for $5 or less. Peyton Manning went for $60. I snagged Nick Foles for $20. Adrian Peterson went for about $50. I grabbed C.J Spiller for $27.

I have solid players but no superstars. Other teams have two super stars and terrible depth.

I won’t know if my way worked until the season begins because I’ve never done this before. I’ve been in snake drafts and those are cool also. But the auction draft is filled with comedy and action.

After every hotly contested auction guys were happy to have gotten their guy. The problem is Wojo would say “You know he sucks don’t you?”

It was really cool. But don’t tell Mike. Let’s keep that secret to ourselves.


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