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Privates go public

Written By: Terry Foster | September 2, 2014

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A few weeks ago I lectured my son B about putting photos of his friends on my I-Pad.

He has some girls that he likes and I know they like him also. I just can’t have them on my electronic devices. I have no problem if he wants to put them on his phone.

The world has changed and it appears as if nothing is sacred these days. Yes, we giggled and made comments about the nude photos of Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and his woman Kate Upton. They took nudes in private and kept them on their phones.

However, nothing is really private these days. Their photos along with a number of other celebrities were hacked for everybody to see. We live in a world where sick-minded people go out of their way to expose celebrities. Why? I really do not know.

I do not have a nude of myself on my cell phone. The world is not ready to see that. But if I did, that is my business.

We have an old saying. “Why y’all got to be all up in my bizzzness?”

The same should apply for JV and Upton.



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  1. Greg Says:

    Speaking of business, how’s the Smokehouse doing? Been meaning to stop by.


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