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Bucket list to end summer

Written By: Terry Foster | August 30, 2014

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Things to do this holiday weekend.

** Check out Michigan football for more toughness. The worst thing you can call a football team is soft and people from the Atlantic to the Pacific have piled on Michigan football as being a bunch of softies.

** Check out defensive back Jabrill Peppers. I’ve heard a lot about what a game changer he is and I am all in. I want to see for myself.

** Check out Arts, Eats and Beats. I have not been to the festival since it moved from Pontiac to Royal Oak. I am sure it is nicer but I’ve never gotten around to checking it out here. I love the food but the best thing will be people watching. I am hoping to attend with my daughter Celine but she already has home work and has not even started school yet.

**Smoke ribs and pulled pork in the backyard. The neighbors are having a big cook out Sunday afternoon. I will have my chef’s hat on cooking up a storm. One neighbor Big Bart is doing a crab leg and shrimp boil, others are bringing the desserts and it will be a nice way to end summer.

** Play whiffle ball. The same neighbors play Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends as the kids battle the adults in a highly competitive game. We have plenty of laughs and thrills. Then we top it off with hotdogs as summer officially comes to an end.

** Stay up late Saturday night and watch college football. Love it.

** Work on my fantasy draft. I am not a big fantasy football guy but I am going to do it any way. I’ve never been in a auction draft but am willing to learn something new. Please wish me luck and pass along any tips you want.

** Get a nice scoop of ice cream. The kids love Dairy Queen. I think I am going to hold out for Baskin-Robbins.

** Read up more on Michigan State football. The Spartans looked great during their demolition of Jacksonville State.

** Go over the Lions final 53-man roster. I do not know what to make of this team. I guess we find out a week from this Monday.

** Rest. The fall is the busiest time for me. Between newspaper, radio, kids soccer, kids homework, traveling to kids soccer games and everything else I hardly have time to breathe.

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