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Is public romance creepy?

Written By: Terry Foster | July 9, 2011

Filed Under: Life, Opinion

I sat near Romantic Guy the other day while having dinner near my home.

He sat at the bar looking deeply into his woman’s eyes and caressed her face. Now and then he would stop talking to give her a kiss and then look deeply into her eyes again. It was cute and it was good to see but romance is so dead these days I thought it was fake.

Was I wrong to think that my man was running a game on this woman?

Romantic guy acted as if he and his woman were the only people in the room. I don’t know if they were married or a new couple. I just don’t see Romantic Guy much in public unless he is drunk and is trying to get some.

Most men don’t think this way. We do nice things for our women. We buy flowers, take them to dinner and us husbands give the wives and evening off now and then by taking care of the kids and telling them to hang with the girls. But public displays of affection are dead.

Is Romantic Guy dead?

I don’t feel comfortable with it. I will hold my woman’s hand, escort her to her seat. However, we are like a pair of old shoes. We are comfortable with each other and we fit. I feel as if I don’t have to chase any more. We can act like normal human beings. Abs and I have been together 14 years and we have two children.

I am not saying I treat her like a long lost stranger when we go out. I am just not going to be Romantic Guy. We talk. We joke. We laugh. but I don’t look into her eyes as if she were the queen of the universe. I treat her more like a good friend.

Here is a Yogi-ism for you. My public displays of affection are usually done in private.

So are you Romantic Guy? And ladies do you really want to be out in public with romantic guy having him paw all over you?

Let’s discuss.


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4 Responses to “Is public romance creepy?”

  1. Jamie Favreau Says:

    Well I was working the Warped Tour today and there was a couple who was basically making out in their tent (they were vendors and the girl was on the guy’s laps and they were attached at the hip almost literally.) This was a bit too much but it is cute to see people hold hands and be in love.

    I guess there is a line between too much affection and NOT enough. LOL. I hope romance is NOT dead and there is still some left for single people.


  2. Rob Says:

    He might well be sincere, but I cannot swear to it. Men are dogs, totally, but once a guy has his head in the clouds over a hot young thing, he could almost forget that anyone else was in the bar. I was like that once for a young lady.
    I think the eye of the beholder might be the issue here, T. You might want to spice things up for yourself and your wife, because I think that men can get too comfortable in a relationship and then it begins to die. Also, I know that I get annoyed with PDA when I am jealous of a couple’s happiness. Not that you were anything like that, I wasn’t there. But let them be happy. I might have laughed at them with my friends, but I have grown cynical.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      We spice things up. We are happy with each other but some of this stuff should be in private. I’ve gotten emails from people who are practically making out in public. Sometimes you need to do some things in private. Get a hotel room


  3. Leatha Rotenberg Says:

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