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What’s in your shopping bag?

Written By: Terry Foster | August 26, 2014

Filed Under: Family, Parenthood

My son Brandon is into brightly colored socks. That appears to be the trend among the pre teens these days.

I thought nothing of the orange socks with the palm trees that he bought at the mall while hanging with a buddy. I thought they were palm trees when I saw him leave the house.

Later the phone call came from my wife.

“Why does Brandon have socks on with marijuana plants on them,” Abs asked.

What? I was stunned. Those were not palm trees. They were marijuana plants. Let me make my first old man statement of the day. Why would you want socks with weed on them?

Now we inspect every piece of clothing that comes into the house, including Levi’s. You never know.

B does not know what a marijuana plant looks like. He was a bit confused when we said he could not wear his socks to school.

This is not the first time this happened. A friend bought him a T-shirt for his birthday last year. There was a pretty design and wonderful coloring. There was just one problem. On the bottom of the shirt was a four letter word that starts with an F and rhymes with duck.

And she got the shirt in the mall.

Over the years kids have been banned from wearing hot pants, plastic pants, cropped T-shirts, halter tops and tight jeans.

Now we must ban four letter words and weed.

Parents, what’s in your shopping bag?



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