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Big Brother is watching you downtown

Written By: Terry Foster | August 22, 2014

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Big Brother is watching you and I am OK with it.

Earlier this week I got to tour of the behind the scenes security system that patrols downtown Detroit. If you walk the streets of downtown your every move is watched 24/7/365 in a secured and tucked away room.  It is part of the Lighthouse Project which patrols downtown.

They can see your face. They can even zoom in and see what you’ve had for lunch. When I was younger we screamed about the government watching our every move. We didn’t want it and people fought to make sure it did not happen.

The world has changed. I want to be safe when I go downtown or to Midtown. If somebody knocks me upside the head I want that criminal caught. If terrorists are making threats against us I want us to be as prepared as possible.

There are several of these centers in Detroit and it makes me feel better, not threatened. I am not a criminal. I do not go downtown to harm others. I go there to enjoy games, eat dinner or enjoy drinks. I have nothing to hide.

I am OK with this. What about you?


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