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I missed the floods

Written By: Terry Foster | August 12, 2014

Filed Under: driving

My commute was normal. I did not know that the world was falling apart around me.

Yes, it was wet. And I did notice a torrent of water following me on 96 west as I made my way home Monday evening. But I did not know that the rest of the freeways in Metro Detroit came to a standstill until I got home.

It took my producer Mr. B four hours to get home and he had to park two blocks from his house because of flooding. My pal Roberta said she was stuck on Woodward for three hours. I still have no idea if she made it home.

There were flooded basements and backyards and standing water all over the place. Police warned about down wires and other boobie traps within that water. Detroit witnessed stalled cars and people wading through nasty water and rain poured for hours.

I was lucky. The commute was a little longer than usual but nothing excessive. The yard looked great and my basement is bone dry.

However, it was a rough day in Detroit. I am just happy I did not get stuck in the excess.


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