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Please say you would not have a child with Tot Mom

Written By: Terry Foster | July 8, 2011

Filed Under: Opinion, Parenthood

Should this woman have another child?

Ladies, I want to let you in on a little secret. We men are sexual predators. We think about sex. We act out sex sometimes inside our minds when we see you. And we measure you up wondering “could I get with that?”

OK. That is not that much of a secret. But I needed a way to transition into the discussion about Casey Anthony — the Tot mom who was found not guilty of first degree murder of her daughter Caylee. Some of my boys and I have had inappropriate comments about her and we should be ashamed.

But it is what men do.

Would you have sex with her?

The answer for most men was yes.

But would you fulfill her dream and help her have another baby? Even the worst of men are saying no. She should never have a child again. Even if she didn’t kill Caylee, she showed signs of child neglect, child abuse and child endangerment. However, she will become a mom again and one of my co-workers issued a bet with me saying she will have a child within five years. 

During prison letters that were released to the public, Anthony said she wants to mingle with society, wear sexy underwear and have another child — even talking about adopting a child. That is scary. Those letters opened the door to our discussions about sex with Anthony.

Despite her being a liar and a terrible human being, she is cute. She is a good looking woman and my guess is this woman will be rewarded soon with a reality television show to keep her fame aflame. I hope that is not true. I hope she disappears and is never heard from again, but this is how society works. Someone does something outrageous or stupid and all of a sudden they become celebrities.

Anthony can pull it off if given the opportunity. Right now we are outraged with this story. We are outraged with her and what we believe she did. But many want to know her story. It will be told somehow and it will sell like hotcakes. I admit I want to know her story and will be glued to the television set if she is on with Oprah or Babs Walters.

If you saw her in a bar partying, would you buy her a drink and talk to her? Most men would say no. And most of them are liars because they want to impress you ladies and make you think they are caring, sensitive and different than the rest of the men. The truth is many of us are sick dogs and if gven the courage and the chance would buy that drink for Casey.

Would we have sex with her? Yeah.

Would we father a child with her? I hope the answer is no even for the worst of predators.



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6 Responses to “Please say you would not have a child with Tot Mom”

  1. ryan Says:

    Page views, Terry. Page views.


  2. steve Says:

    no, I would never have a child with her, matter of fact I think her father did it, if all the accusations of sexual abuse are true, I think she was covering for her dad, If she had called 911 an autopsy would have been performed and the sexual abuse would have been found in the child. Dad would be in jail, he is a retired homicide detective, he knows how to cheat the system and just got away with it.


  3. Jimmy Says:

    I’d hit it.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      Yeah Jimmy. It would be tough to say no if you were a single guy. She will be in the bars all drunk and ready. You know somebody is going to get with that.


      • Mike Says:

        Im just now reading this and my buddies and I discussed the same thing last week. Five out of the six of us without hesitation said “Of course I would hit it..shes banging.” We were also were very quick to agree that we would never have a child with her. Oh, and that sixth buddy…lets just say I hope he has no plans on being a dad of his own soon.


        • Terry Foster Says:

          Mike it is a great debate. You sort of feel slimy but Tot Mom is a cutie. And that might be one of the reasons why the trial got so big and created huge ratings. I admit if I were single and prowling I would at least tap on the front door to see if I could get in,


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