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Lions vs kids soccer

Written By: Terry Foster | August 7, 2014

Filed Under: Family, Life, Parenthood

My son B’s soccer schedule for the Bloomfield Hills Force came out earlier this week and it is a parent’s/sports writer/ radio host nightmare. Most of his games this fall are on Sunday right up against your Detroit Lions.

That means I am going to miss some of his games for work. I will have to skip out of others earlier and sometimes try to listen to the Lions while B takes on the Carpathian Kickers. The easy answer is to record the Lions and go watch B play.

It is not that simple. I sometimes need to be at games. This is work for me, not play, although the Lions serve as great entertainment to most of us. I also like to watch the Lions live and feel the ebb and flow of the community.

I not only write about their games but talk about them. And if you are not watching fans know.

I also like spending weekend time with my kids. That is what makes the fall so difficult. There is college football on Saturday, the Lions on Sunday and sometimes even a prep game Friday night. The kids understand although there is disappointment in their voices when I am not able to make games.

I will explain things to B and do my best to be in two places at one time.


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