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Ndamukong Suh and Lions attempt to quell distractions

Written By: Terry Foster | July 29, 2014

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There were screams for peace during the frenzied opening of Lions training camp Monday.

Moments after the Lions made the right move in suspending contract talks with defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, the massive lineman stood in front of the media and begged reporters not to talk to his teammates about his contract.

Distraction altered. Well, that is what everybody within the Lions organization is hoping for.

They want football only questions during this promising 2014 season. The team appears better organized. The men believe this is their best chance of winning and they believe in head coach Jim Caldwell. Of course we hear this story every training camp, but for now everything is rosy in Lions camp.

The only distraction they fear is Suh and his contract. They don’t want headlines blasting about his contract in the News and Free Press and they don’t want ESPN talking heads talking up the latest rumors. They want a season of silence.

Here is the rub. The media is under no obligation to cease firing questions about Suh’s contract to teammates. Our job is not to keep things peaceful. Our job is to report the news. But what is your belief as fans?

Should the media let go and agree to Suh’s terms if he believes it will lead to a better product on the field? Or should we do our jobs as we see fit?

I never understood how daily 30 minute scrums with the media are distractions for players that claim they never watch TV or listen to what we have to say.


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