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Michigan is the wild card in Big Ten football chase

Written By: Terry Foster | July 22, 2014

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Don’t snicker. But maybe the Big Ten is going to be good in football this season.

Ohio State is an elite program. And watch for Michigan State to get on a roll after the Spartans second week butt kicking at Oregon. Yes, I am predicting MSU to struggle out there. Magic Mark Dantonio will pick up the scraps and get it rolling again.

I was reading some national predictions and Iowa and Wisconsin were named as surprise teams that could win 10 games each. Wisconsin might not be great on defense but running back Melvin Gordon and that big offensive line will grind on people.

Iowa won eight games last season and avoids Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State. So watch for them to be ranked relatively high during the regular season.

However, Michigan is the wild card. The Wolverines are always the wildcard. Did you notice when Michigan disappeared from the land of the elite the Big Ten’s profile declined? If Michigan can become solid again it will make a huge difference in this conference.

Ohio State needs a competitive rival again. It appears as if the games with Michigan State are more important than the ones with Michigan. That must change.

Las Vegas set the over/under for Michigan wins at 7.5. I thought it made a mistake and placed the Lions over/under by Michigan. That cannot be right. I will simply say that if Michigan fails to cover that spread then Brady Hoke must go.

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One Response to “Michigan is the wild card in Big Ten football chase”

  1. Joe Says:

    I love Brady Hoke. His whole “I’m not a very smart man, but I know football and love UofM” schtick that is endearing.

    That being said, if it were my call, anything less than 9 wins and he has to go. If they win 2 out of 3 in their “rivalry” games (ND, MSU, OSU), then it has to be 10 wins for him to keep his job. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that isn’t the guy. However, he did a good job of fixing the damage done by RichRod, and I think it’s safe to say that if Brady is fired, the next coach will be left with a much better situation than Brady had when he arrived.

    Just found this blog, and love it. I shouldn’t be surprised though. Love the radio show. Thanks T


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