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New Red Wings arena should change blighted area

Written By: Terry Foster | July 21, 2014

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I know stadiums do not fix downtown areas. I know the Red Wings and Olympia Entertainment will throw out fake numbers to excite the community about a new downtown arena.

However, I am already excited. I read the Free Press stories on the new Red Wings arena that is set to open in 2017 and I cannot wait for it to open. It appears as if the Ilitch family is not only building an arena but they are creating new neighborhoods.

And trust me when I say this neighborhood needs fixing. This has been one of the more blighted areas in Detroit filled with prostitutes, crack heads and plenty of crime. Many years ago I was driving through the neighborhood and was stopped at a red light.

I was not paying attention when a woman with half her teeth missing offered “to suck me off for $20.” I put my foot on the gas, ran that red light and got the hell out of there. This is an area where the Detroit Police Department ran a program called STRESS. Stop the Robberies enjoy safe streets.

Basically they placed decoys in the streets and shot people that tried to rob them. Those were enjoyable days.

It has been a long time since this area enjoyed prosperity. I remember there used to be a burlesque theater, burger joint, Vernors Bottling and other stuff near and in the area. Soon we will see light rail, lighted walkabout streets and night life.

I am excited and cannot wait for 2017.


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