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Justin Verlander will return to the Tigers as a new man

Written By: Terry Foster | July 18, 2014

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My guess is Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander returns to Detroit a new man.

He got away from the rat race of Major League Baseball and enjoy beach time with girlfriend Kate Upton. While some of the diehards wanted him to spend every waking moment in the weight room or film room, it is sometimes best to get away.

Two summers ago I escaped to Hawaii with my wife Abs. I left here stressed. I returned as a new man. I was so chill when I returned that you could have slapped me in the face and I’d give you a brother man hug. I felt great.

I live a very busy life. I sometimes go through stretches where I do not have time to breath. I really needed a vacation.

Here was my daily routine while staying on Maui. We enjoyed breakfast on our outdoor patio. We went to the beach in the morning, ate lunch at an outdoor restaurant with a spectacular view and I drank two beers. Let me tell you. I was feeling so good that those waves were crashing on the rocks in slow motion.

Later in the day we enjoyed a fruity drink and ate a great meal to cap off the day.

It felt so good.

When I returned I felt like I could swim across the Detroit River with one arm tied behind my back. Let’s hope JV feels the same way.

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